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"During life's adventures, there are exciting visual events happening around us continuously - they display magic, courage and the determination of spirit. 
Seizing the essence of that image - to relive or rekindle its power when viewed at another time - is a millisecond event.
Either you get it - or you don't. There is no half way."

Doug Elsey, P.Eng. photographer / ocean engineer/ undersea explorer 

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Testimonials:"> Testimonials:

"Doug Elsey is a masterful documentary photographer. An essential member of my Arctic expeditions, he has an uncanny ability to "see" the shot and capture its essence. His experience as a ocean engineer and explorer of the natural world add unique dimensions to his work. Doug's the kind of photographer you want when it's 4 a.m. and the temperature is forty below. He's smart, tough, and determined to get the impossible shot. And he does it with a wicked sense of humour."
  —Dr. Joe MacInnis, physician-scientist, undersea explorer and author

 “In the last 20 years, our firm has contracted Doug Elsey to document a number of our major underwater projects in Canada, the U.S. and overseas. In his style of work, he combines the precision of a trained engineer with the eye and sensibility of an artist. He consistently turns in material that is not only thoroughly detailed, but also aesthetically pleasing. We are well satisfied with the results that Doug has obtained for us, and will continue to use his services in the future.”
Dr. Phil Nuytten, Technologist – Businessman President, Nuytco Research Ltd./Can-Dive Construction

“Doug Elsey has photographed the Deep Divers from the Norwegian Navy using their underwater breathing equipment during several exercises. His ability to capture the drama of our equipment being used in the world’s most hostile and harsh marine environments has enabled us to prove beyond a doubt that we have tough gear for tough people. His value as a documentary photographer to tell our story is done with stunning and hard hitting images that capture the moment and the emotions both in arctic as well as tropical environments. He displays the NATO Special Forces Deep Divers in an excellent manner.”
Norwegian Naval Special Warfare Group - EOD Commando (Citation)

"Thank you so much for allowing us to use your art in Faceplate. Your photos tell the story better than the actual story, amazing work." ...
- Faceplate Magazine, The Official Newsletter for the Divers and Salvors of the US Navy"

"Doug Elsey has a gift - it could be called a sixth sense, an internal instinct if you will - that results in his inherent ability to consistently capture the true ambience, at times serenity, and often drama, of the undersea...... he integrates seamlessly with any team to get the best out of the subjects and surroundings, orchestrating effortlessly as required. " ... We are extremely grateful to you .....
Canadian Experimental and Undersea Research Group /  UK Royal Navy Clearance Divers Group.

Doug Elsey on assignment in Norway
(Photo: On assignment in N
Photo: On photo assignment in the Norwegian high Arctic (where taking gloves off is a BAD idea!)  W.Korsvik

Doug Elsey is a Canadian documentary photographer specializing in expedition and adventure photography. His images have appeared in National Geographic and Popular Science and he has been on assignment with NATO Special Forces, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Norwegian Naval EOD Commando, the Icelandic Coast Guard EOD and United States Navy Experimental Diving units.

Elsey has documented numerous military deep diving MCM and surface EOD exercises from the high arctic to the tropics and has participated on five civilian expeditions sponsored by National Geographic.

"Doug Elsey is the kind of photographer you want when it's 4 a.m. and the temperature is forty below," says Arctic expedition leader Dr. Joe MacInnis, " he's smart, tough, and determined to get the impossible shot. And he does it with a wicked sense of humour."

Doug Elsey works with his clients to craft the best way to tell the story. He is available for presentations on "The Adventure of Getting the Image." To contact him for assignments or to inquire about purchasing his stock images, click on the image to the left.


Partial Client List

  • National Geographic Society - High Arctic and underwater photo documentation of major scientific expeditions.
  • National Geographic Adventure Magazine
  • Explore Magazine
  • Air Canada Enroute Magazine.
  • TV Ontario
  • Canadian Dept. of National Defence.
  • Toronto Sun Newspaper
  • Popular Mechanics Magazine
  • Science Magazine
  • The Globe and Mail Newspaper
  • Book cover "Breathing Underwater" - Dr. Joe MacInnis.
  • NATO Special Forces.
  • Icelandic Coast Guard EOD Command
  • Norwegian Naval EOD Commando
  • White Squall Paddling Centre .
  • Oceaneering Intl. (cinematography)
  • Diver Magazine
  • Adventure Kayak Magazine
  • numerous websites, newspapers, books and  magazines....